Seattle SEO Experts Highlight the Importance of Using Social Media

Social media is changing faster than ever. Seattle SEO Agencies believes in building a social media following as painlessly as possible. What enables them to do is their understanding of what makes various social media platforms tick. In essence, one should take a different approach to social media by rethinking what your social media presence should look like.

Rethink Your Social Media Strategy Based on Recent Stats

There are all sorts of statistics gained from recent reports in 2015 that focuses on popular social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and so forth. These stats are sure to change your outlook on the impact social media will have on your business. SEO Moving Mountains Advisors are famous for making a strong impression in the world of social media.


Here is what you need to know:


  • Surprisingly, Facebook has over 1.39 billion active mobile users and counting. Most of its users can be found in other parts of the world outside of the U.S and Canada. Many marketers think they know what their followers want, but sadly only a small percentage ask their buyers what they want.
  • Google Plus currently has just over 2.5 billion users with only 10 percent actively using it.


  • Smartphone users aged 18 to 44 only spend about 40 minutes each day connecting to Facebook. What is more, the minute they open their eyes, they go onto Facebook. This is a wake-up call for business owners to see to it that their content displays correctly on smaller screens. Besides, 71% of people access social media via their mobile devices. 42% of SEO Online Marketers think that Facebook is important for business.


  • LinkedIn is the biggest professional network and reached just over 396 million users. Were you aware that up to 42 percent if not more, of LinkedIn visits, stem from mobile devices?


  • Men use Google Plus more, while women prefer Pinterest and Facebook. Statistics have shown that up to 85 percent of Pinterest users are female. Pinterest now has more than 100 million active users.


  • YouTube that is now owned by Google happens to have over a billion users who frequent their site. They boast over hundreds of hours of uploaded videos per minute. The information shared via video is extremely powerful and one of the reasons top SEO Seattle Firms focuses on video marketing as well.


  • Instagram recently stated that more than 20 billion photos have been shared to date and a massive 60 million photos get uploaded daily.


  • Twitter averages around 307 plus million active users according to Global Web Index. Moving forward, They are one to watch as they grab more customers than ever before.


Whether think social media is alive and kicking or not, these social media stats shared reveals just how important it is to rethink your social media business strategies.


Then again, life could be a whole lot simpler through utilizing state of the art smartphone apps to boost your social media skills with. Let’s look at some of these

Perfect Apps to Improve Smartphone Efficiency


There comes a time when you need to find ways to hone your social skills so you can come across as confident and in control of your life. For this, you will need the perfect apps. Let us take a closer look at some of these apps:

Seattle SEO


  • Sonalight Text by Voice – This app lets you text while you are driving without any danger to anyone, and without using any words. The smart, automated and talkative text app is easy to manage as you simply need to talk while it takes care of the rest.


  • Astrid to Do List – The perfect app that will let you score points with your friends. It enables you to take control of your very demanding social life as it utilizes prioritized alarms while it inserts tags at the same time. Talking about having your whole social day at your fingertips.


  • Handcent SMS – Impress your peers with this handy app that takes up very little space on your smartphone. The ideal way to personalize your SMS’s and MMS’s, so you get to improve your social skills with ease.


  • Note Everything – This app enables you to create paint like speech and image notes on the fly. It proves to be an effective note grabber that is easy to manage as you would just store your notes in folders and subfolders.


  • TwidRoyd – Regarded as the perfect Twitter app, the TwidRoyd helps you to communicate successfully with friends and family using your Twitter account. It is super easy to answer, follow and unfollow anyone using this app. It couldn’t be easier to stay on top of your social life


  • SnapPhoto – Would you like to improve the quality of your images that you took while your friends were on the move? Imagine you have the ability to adjust the timer mode, brightness, shutter quickness and multi-shot settings within a matter of seconds. This is what you can achieve with SnapPhoto.


  • Documents To Go – How about coming across as a creative professional using the Documents to Go app? Being competent in your business world without neglecting your social world is right within the palm of your hands with this app. No matter where you find yourself, this app lets you publish, edit and even review any content with ease


Social media is worth its weight in gold and not just a fad or phase as it continues to crop up on newer and better platforms all the time. Therefore, hiring the services of top SEO experts in Seattle to assist you in your efforts will go a long way to putting you on top of your game. It is considered the smart way of doing business by top SEO Seattle Gurus like Moving Mountains Advisors.

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Why You Need the Assistance of Attorneys in Medford With Personal Injuries

You may have questioned why you would need the assistance of attorneys in Medford Oregon when it comes to personal injuries? Well, in most cases when involved in a road accident all kinds of problems arise such as vehicle damage and personal injuries. Most people are more familiar with claiming from their insurance in cases of vehicle damage but are not fully aware what their rights are with regards to personal injuries. You will find that many accidents occur as a result of someone being negligent while driving on the highway or in a suburban area. You will need to check out a Medford Oregon Attorneys law practice.

Being at the receiving end of someone else’s negligence is not pleasant at all. Let alone if it comes to the point where they outright refuse to take responsibility for their actions. In this case, you would need the assistance of a trusted Attorney firm like the Medford Law Center to help you make sound decisions.

One can never say never. Once you have been involved in an accident, you may even get to realize that the person responsible for the crash is either not adequately insured or not insured at all.

How to Cope with Car Accident Injuries

Automotive accidents may affect you personally to the extent that you will require the intervention of expert auto accident attorneys from a reputable firm like the Medford Law Center who also specializes in cases of personal injury due to road accidents.

You may have to cope with specific medical injuries such as whiplash, back injuries, leg or arm injuries, and even head injuries, not to mention the emotional trauma that often get people down once they have been involved in an auto accident.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney for Injury Claims

Those victims who are afflicted with personal injuries resulting from car accidents already know the pain that is both physical and mental.  In cases where the victim suffers because someone else was negligent, the mental agony is much more. Seeking help from car accident attorneys from the Medford Law Center is very valuable as they are through with the process and will make you understand what to expect.

In cases where the victim suffers because of someone else’s fault, the victim will have all the rights to seek compensation from the erring party through a personal injury attorney. Remember, that you as a victim must learn about all the provisions available to you.

Learn more about personal injury related law

Personal injury laws vary from place to place or state to state; almost all of them are difficult to comprehend fully. Since laws were made to cover a large number of subjects it causes confusion in the minds of ordinary people. Since the interpretation of these laws is difficult, one would need a personal injury attorney well versed with the case and related specific laws to assist make right claims on compensation.

Law Center

Get more compensation

A well experienced and highly knowledgeable attorney will always be able to pitch for better or maximum compensation. Such an attorney will efficiently place all critical and supportive evidence while arguing the case and will help in getting more substantial claims from insurance companies. Ensure you only visit good law offices, you can check here all about laws about your specific case and possible verdict. They often offer a free consultation.

Settlements can be done by avoiding a court case

Whoever is guilty of the negligence will always look for ways to settle the matter out of court. By doing so, they are able to avoid the substantial compensation they are liable to pay the victim. On the other hand victims of car accidents can claim the rightful and better compensation through good personal injury lawyers than proceeding with the case all by themselves. The Medford Law Center does just that, they offer valuable tips and guidance that only favors the clients for better compensation.

Valuable Guidance

Reliable personal injury attorneys coming from reliable law offices have good experience in dealing with personal injury cases. These attorneys by experience would know the kind of questions that may be asked and hence would prepare their clients to answer all the questions in a way that it goes in their favor. They would prepare their clients with the right manner of presenting evidence.

Personal injury victims must understand and value the experience these attorneys come with as they would help you not only win the case but to win with maximum possible compensation. Even if you are confident of winning the case of your own it makes sense to seek assistance from a well experienced personal injury attorney.




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