Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pajammie Time : Butterick 6837

Flannel jammies, one of the best things about winter..buuutt...where the heck did winter go?!? Got my flannel jammies made and the cold winter weather is no where to be found. It doesn't even feel like Christmas. Oh well, the unusually warm weather isn't gonna stop me, I'm still gonna throw these suckers on first thing after I get home from work. 

I made these using Butterick 6837 and some cozy cotton flannel I got for half off at (love that place!)  I also only paid 99 cents for the pattern. Score!  These were pretty easy to make except for the fact that it was my first Butterick pattern and I found the instructions to be lacking in places.  This was a unisex pattern so I cut an xsmall and was prepared for me to be floating in them.  The size really is just about right though.  I'd rather these be big and cozy on me than small and constricting.  There is nothing worse than laying in bed feeling like your pajamas are trying to choke you out!

I'm telling ya these are some cozy jammies.  So cozy I could barely keep my eyes open once I got them on.

A couple things about this pattern.  First off the length of the top was ridonkulous!  The top went almost to my knees!  I could of just forgot about the pants and made the top a night gown.  I'm sure the fact that it's  a unisex pattern is why it's so long.  I know not everyone is fun sized like me.  I had to cut off about 6 inches.  Also if I pull up the pants to where they are supposed to sit they stop right under my boobs.  I feel like Steve Urkel.  I need to go back and cut the waist down about 3 - 4 inches.  For now they feel just fine if I roll the waistband down a couple times.

Did I dooo that????

I totally screwed up the fly front.  This is where I found the instructions/illustrations to be lacking.  I've not made too many fly fronts so I need all the pictures I can get.   I ended up cutting where I wasn't supposed to causing a hole right in front.  I was able to fix it by doing a zig zag stitch over it.  I don't expect anyone to get close enough to that area to notice it.  Then I started wondering why I was spending so much time trying to get the fly front opening to work.  I mean, I am woman. I sure don't need an opening in the front for any specific reason.  So I just stitched the damn thing closed and moved on.  I also just noticed in the picture above the plaid is not matching across the front crotch.  Good thing my shirt covers this up or it would absolutely drive me bonkers.

For some reason I bought 6 yards of this fabric.  I have plenty left to make a pair of pants for the hubs so we can be Twinkies.  I used some of the smaller scraps to make a fabric flower for the collar and a cute little headscarf.


 I noticed one thing about this's not gonna take long for it to be covered in pug hair.  Pugs are horrible shedders.  While I was sewing these up I spent half the time picking pug hair out of the fibers.  But I don't mind.  Doesn't keep me from snuggling with my best bud!

Would love to hear what you all are working on or if you've made any cozy jammies of your own.
Catch ya on the flip flop!


  1. These are soooooooooo cute!! I need some flannel jams! And dude-- I hear you about the pug hair! It's freakin' everywhere all the time! My vacuum gets a serious workout!

  2. Well aren't you two just the cutest things?! I think some matching Pug jammies are in order ;)

  3. You look so cute and cozy. I should make myself a pair. The weather here (cold, rainy, windy, with a little ice/snow mixed in at times) really calls for flannel jammies.

  4. Perfect winter jammies - just love the colour! Its the middle of summer here (Down Under) so not a flannelette PJ in-sight.

  5. Ooh snuggly. Pajamas seem like a great project to curb a perfectionist streak, lol. I mean, if you mess up you don't even have to wear them out so who cares??

    Also I love the tag PugsNotDrugs. Also, your poses, haha. :)

  6. Exactly! I'm such a perfectionist too. I thought to myself that I wasn't going to get fussy because no one would see them anyway.

  7. The weather has been so fickle here. One day it's freezing the next it's warm enough to wear shorts. Crazy I tell ya!

  8. ooh yes that is perfect flannel jammie time!!

  9. ha wouldn't that be hilarious! All 3 of us in matching jammies!

  10. I know! Hilarious story about my hubs, one time Maizy (my first pug) laid on his work coat. He had no clue and wore it to work. He was standing at the time clock and the guy behind him said, "Damn Jordan, I wish I made enough money to be able to afford a fur coat.: hahaha!

  11. GAH! Jammies + pug = awesomeness! Loving the plaid, loving the comfort factor and loving the fact other sewists understand the challenge of sewing and picking out dog hair as they go ;)

  12. I've wore these everyday since Saturday. I swear by the time I'm done with them they are gonna be able to get up and walk on their own! LOL


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