7 Safety Tips for McCall River Rafting

Just the mention of the words McCall River rafting evokes a vision of adventure and excitement like no other. Besides, it is not every day that one is afforded the opportunity to witness blue, rushing rapids and experience an adrenaline rush of paddling your raft through different level rapids. Click here for more info.

However, as is the case of any other adventure sports, river rafting presents all kinds of risks. Just because you signed up for adventure galore and are known for being a bit of a risk taker, doesn’t mean you need to act foolish while on the River.

Following are seven tips you would do well to follow before you venture out on a raft.

Tip No 1 – Choose the right rafting level

River rafting the McCall is classified into three levels; namely basic, medium, and high. Depending on how experienced you are, it would be wise to choose the appropriate level. Especially if you are a beginner or novice rafter. Also, if you’re still very young or older, then it’s best to settle for the basic level. Once you feel comfortable, you can move to a higher level.

Tip No 2 – Be sure to follow your guide

During any river rafting adventure, you should always follow your guide’s instructions. They will assess whether a particular situation is potentially risky and assist you during tough scenarios,

Tip No 3 – Eat light

Nutritious meals are important. But, you should guard against consuming a heavy meal just before rafting and instead settle for something lighter. If you do not follow this guideline, you may vomit or experience severe nausea.

Tip No 4 – Wear Gear that is suited for the occasion

Appropriate clothing should be worn during the rafting expedition. Do not wear slippery shoes and avoid accessories. Tennis shoes are suited to rafting as they are non-slippery, light and protect your feet.

Tip No 5 – Raft in a group

You should always opt for rafting in a group, particularly if you’re still new to the sports. It is advisable to do so as those who choose to raft solo may get lost or injured. Some of them are not able to get back, and it can be hard to trace them.

Tip No 6 – Enroll in training

Make it your mission to understand some basic principles of river rafting by speaking to the guide about how to operate a raft, what some of the safety features are and the risks of rafting the McCall River. If you venture out without proper training or practice, you are prone to all sorts of dangers.

Tip No 7 – Always be ready to wear a helmet and life jacket

Never attempt to raft a river without a life jacket as it will prevent one from drowning. Whitewater can be very tricky and even experienced swimmers will find it difficult to tread them. Ensure the life jacket fits perfectly and that it does not sit too tight or too loose. Another injury area you should care a lot about is your head. Always wear a safety helmet to protect you from rocks.

River rafting needs to be on everyone’s bucket list and something that should be tried at least once in your life.

First Time River Rafting Tips

River rafting is still the best way to face fears amidst roaring waves and regarded as one of the most popular adventure activities on whitewater. If you thirst for aggressive waters, then this sport is for you.

Participants of this sport will make use of specially designed rafting boats and oars for sailing the rivers. Guides, who are experienced and professional will accompany travelers. They view river rafting as child’s play.

If you happen to be a first-time rafter, then you should carefully follow these tips:

Ensure you are fully equipped with all the necessary boating gear such as nylon shorts, boating hat, shoes/sandals, life jacket, etc.,

Pack a few dry poly bags to safeguard your gadgets and valuables like a camera and mobile phone. However, it is advisable not to carry these items if you can do without them.

Take along a medical kit to ensure a safe boating expedition. These would include medication drugs, bandages, antiseptic liquid, inhaler, antiseptic liquid and other objects.

In all cases, consult with experienced McCall River rafting outfitters like the ones at OrangeTorpedo.com