The Benefits of Lodging at the Best Grants Pass Inn

The three main reasons why anyone should care to visit Grants Pass is:

  1. Magnificent scenery
  2. Enjoying nature in all its splendid glory
  3. The ability to let your hair down and experience complete relaxation

None of this would be possible without a top rated Grants Pass inn. Do not just take our word for it, but hear what a very happy traveler had to say about visiting the Redwood Motel:

“We stayed over in what we think to be the best inn in Grants Pass. They were super efficient and very accommodating. What we liked most was the pet-friendly environment in that they provided trash cans and bags for the benefit of the guests, which we thought was a nice touch. USBs and Plugins were easy to get hold off. My family appreciated the sparkling clean bathrooms and more than enough toweling. Our elderly companion loved the reading chair and desk chair provided. The clean rooms and the fact that there was no dust behind the TV is a feather in their cap. The conveniences is a huge plus, and by that we mean the micro and fridge so we didn’t have to store our ice in an ice chest all the time. My hubby was thoroughly impressed by the breakfast area that was spotless and separated from the food preparation area. Overall, we has a very enjoyable stay, and would so so again.”

There is no doubt that downtown Grants Pass, OR inn area is cute and fun to wander around. Especially if you can make your way to the original Dutch Bros.

Another couple opted for the Deluxe Double Suite that featured 2 Queen beds. The mere fact that it overlooks a lovely park and trees brings one closer to nature. It is so peaceful to sit on the balcony, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and listen to the birds singing. The continental style breakfast is to die for.

luxury vacation

Business travelers always feel right at home when they stay over at the Redwood Hyperion Suite. The great meeting rooms make any business arrangement a pleasure. The clean rooms and super attentive staff who are ready to accommodate your needs at a minute’s notice is a real bonus. Do not forget the nearby antique shops and great restaurants that are just a step away.

The Benefit of Staying at a Inn Worth Enjoying

Staying over at a inn when on business or vacation offer a broad range of benefits and comfort that is worthy of praise. What are some of the perks you will experience?

Comfort and security are among the first things that come to mind and makes the cost associated with staying in a inn well worth it.

What is more, people opt for a inn as they can fully relax and take a load of their busy lives. These establishments offer comfort and luxury like no other.

One of the most important benefits of staying over at a inn instead of conventional lodging is the security and peace of mind they provide. Establishments like the Redwood Motel are fully committed to preventing loss of property, and make use of state-of-the-art security systems to make this possible.

Folks feel at ease, knowing the security of their belongings are taken care of once they leave their rooms as the management makes it their business to keep things secure at all times. After all, they rely on excellent reviews to stay in business. Therefore, they will do what it takes to protect the best interest of their guests.

Cleanliness and Sustenance

The next benefit to staying over at a inn in Grants Pass relates to cleanliness and the fact that guests may come and go as they wish without worrying about keeping their rooms tidy. This way they are freed from most of the responsibility related to staying over at such an establishment, and they can focus on having fun and enjoying numerous activities.

Inns serve as a base where you can drop of your precious belongings, knowing it is in safe hands while you are out and about enjoying what Grants Pass has to offer. Once you enjoyed your day in full, you can return to your base for sustenance and cover during nighttime.

Food is provided in various formats to your enjoyment as most inns have dedicated dining areas to satisfy your hunger pangs in style.