Get Started with Ashland Security Systems – The Smarter Way to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

The Internet of Things made it easier than ever before to setup and control the security of your home in a much smarter way, doing so remotely to control door locks, vacuums, thermostats, lights, pet feeders, lawn mowers, and more. All through the use of the app on your smartphone. It is pretty simple and relatively affordable to monitor your home from just about anywhere you like.

What is more Ashland security systems are highly customizable and made available as either DIY kits or full-blown setups to include a professional installation and monitoring services?

Dependent on your needs, you can opt for a system that can be monitored on your own, or pay a monthly subscription fee to ensure your home is surveilled 24 hours of the day by professionals who would contact the local police and fire departments once an alarm has been triggered. Of course, the more coverage you settle for, the more you can expect to pay at the end of the day.

If you are not quite ready to settle for a dedicated security system, then you can always opt for plenty of individual devices that would allow you to monitor your home from anywhere with the use of either your tablet or phone, which include video doorbells, smart locks, indoor and outdoor security cameras. Find out about the top home security companies in Ashland here.

Here is what you need to look for when opting for an Ashland security system:

  • You should be just fine with a smart home security system that connects to your home using a WiFi network to allow one to control and monitor any security devices through an app on a smartphone.
  • Entry level security systems would typically include a couple of window and door sensors as well as a motion sensor and hub that will communicate with the devices using a powerful WiFi connection.
  • You can just add extra motion, door, and window sensors to make provision for additional coverage for the entire house to help build a comprehensive security system to include garage door openers, door locks, lights, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, water sensors, sirens, CO detectors, and much more.
  • Any security system that is worth its salt should offer components that work together within a seamless environment that can be manipulated with ease using customized rules.

Examples of this are where you can set up rules to have your lights turn on once movement is being detected, have a camera recording when motion is detected, or get your doors to unlock once a smoke alarm goes off.

Some Ashland home security systems – will store recorded video locally on a solid state drive or an SD card, while other systems offer cloud storage.

A locally stored video is considered a good choice for DIY enthusiasts who is on a budget. However, you have to be careful that you do not overwrite your video as you may need it later.

Cloud storage makes it so much easier to store as well as access the recorded video as required. But, it may cost several hundreds of dollars a year, depending on your subscription expenses.

Most of the security systems nowadays feature a mobile app that allows you to make use of your smartphone as the command center to both arm and disarm the security system, set up rules, add or delete components, and also get push notifications once an alarm has been triggered.

Apps will even utilize your location services so it can automatically arm or disarm the security system. The more costly systems usually come equipped with a wall-mounted panel that serves as a communication hub and is fitted with a touch-screen display to allow you to do everything the app does, and communicate with a monitoring service once an alarm gets triggered.

Should One Settle for DIY or a Professional Installation?

DIY setups are perfect for homeowners who are limited financially as they get to save a bundle on subscription fees and installation charges.

Most of these systems are relatively easy to install and configure. They are sold as kits that can be customized to suit your needs.

As you grow, you can always order extra sensors and any other components at your convenience and pair these to your security system in minutes.

With a professionally monitored system, once an intrusion or smoke alarm is triggered, an agent will try to reach you through the two-way control panel before making a call to your listed phone number. Should you fail to respond, they will enlist the services of 911 to dispatch an emergency service.

The really cool thing about professionally installed security systems is that you do not have to lift a finger.

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